Quarters [noun]

Definition of Quarters:

place to live or sleep

Synonyms of Quarters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quarters:

Sentence/Example of Quarters:

I am bound for my quarters, I came but to thank you for your goodness to me, and to bid you farewell.

Her exhibitions in all other quarters have been mere disguises.

Hines turned to me and said, Go to your quarters; I will settle with you in the morning.

Then we had no quarters at all, being perfectly exposed to grape and canister.

Their quarters were very clean, and littered with fresh straw.

Cold potatoes may be fried in slices or quarters, or broiled on a gridiron.

Pare off the outer skin of some fine citrons, and cut them into quarters.

Pare and core them, and either leave them whole, or cut them into quarters.

Clearly I was in German quarters and was likely to remain there.

Boil two cabbages in a good deal of water, and cut them into quarters.