Quartets [noun]

Definition of Quartets:

four of something

Synonyms of Quartets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quartets:


Sentence/Example of Quartets:

The quartet in the Beebe store watched his departure from the windows.

They sing a quartet, and with the most complete purity and melody.

The other three members were tools over whom the quartet had obtained some hold.

And as he paused now to decide upon his program, he thought of that quartet.

The quartet had poor Blumpo down on his back and were kicking him as hard as they could.

The quartet that empties its crock first wins the game, and then the sets of players change.

A New York policeman could have managed that quartet with one hand.

But Prometheus, the smallest of the quartet, has a way all his own.

We have failed to note that the doctor was the 'cello in the quartet.

This quartet of bachelors sleep in bunks, two above the others.