Quashed [verb]

Definition of Quashed:

destroy, defeat

Synonyms of Quashed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quashed:

Sentence/Example of Quashed:

For one moment I drew a breath of hope; and then my hope was quashed.

Somebody's darling's ideals were quashed; Somebody's darling went unwashed.

He then quashed the charge, and decided to wait for information.

The conviction was quashed on December 18 by the High Court.

The matter was examined and the legate ordered the suit to be quashed.

I think, too, that he quashed an attempt to call our own Fulbert by his other name.'

This marriage must be quashed; and hark ye, Procurator, you must help me.

He was about to be condemned when the king, in a bed of justice, quashed the proceedings.

And then the indictment must be quashed, or something of that kind done.

Mr. Steward Firth ordered the conviction to be quashed, with costs.