Quashes [verb]

Definition of Quashes:

destroy, defeat

Synonyms of Quashes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quashes:

Sentence/Example of Quashes:

Come, Quash, into the bush, and help me to look at the other scratches and dress them.

But, then, he had had to quash the thought that suggested it.

Challis tried to reason away its witchery—to quash its jurisdiction.

Under those circumstances no other course was open to us but to quash them.

Vide mouse, and a hundred more roots, that might quash this rule.

It can quash the decisions of Juges de Paix only when they exceed their power.

I know you didn't, but you implied it, and I want to quash any such suggestion at once.

They moved to quash the indictment on which he was brought to trial.

I'll take a chance with my job and quash this interview—that's how much I like you, Johnnie.

Honestly, I did my level best to quash the proceedings: I might as well have tried to bale out the Pacific with a pitchfork.