Quat [verb]

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The words are often associated, as And quat for luue and quat for age, GE 3632.

But, Dan,—I say, could ye no contrive to get quat o' thae English?

They seem to our ears indeed to have "quat their roaring play."

Quat oget nu at for-bode o wold, GE 324, what now was the import of that prohibition; And vndernam him at it agte awold, id.

There it is, sir—Im blythe to be quat of it; pitch it from ye furder than I can see.

When the deer lay down he was quat, when he stood still in covert he was stalling.

Crimen quos inquinat, quat—Crime puts those on an equal footing whom it defiles.

A quat in the midland counties is a pimple, which by rubbing is made to smart, or is rubbed to sense.

Roderigo is called a quat by the same mode of speech, as a low fellow is now termed in lay language a scab.