Quaternion [noun]

Definition of Quaternion:

four of something

Synonyms of Quaternion:

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Sentence/Example of Quaternion:

Even then the captain of the gate was replying to a question from the quaternion.

Should neither player be able to form a quaternion, then the game is drawn.

The quaternion was a gathering of four sheets of vellum, each folded once; thus forming sixteen pages.

William Hare, the second of our quaternion, was also a native of Ireland, having been born in the neighbourhood of Londonderry.

As regard class of the first quaternion, like Sancho Panza I have no intention of indicating how old these may be.

Next, to assign the distinction between the first and the second Quaternion in propositions tertii adjacentis.

These last words are incorrect in fact, for οὐκ ἄνθρωπος does not appear in the first Quaternion, but is reserved for the second.

Four soldiers formed a quaternion; four quaternions therefore were sixteen men, who were especially appointed to guard Peter.

His days are thus described: from dawn to the third hour he copied rapidly, filling a (quaternion) each day.

There was no sound of trumpet at the sun's rising, but a quaternion of legionaries came and the guard was changed.