Quatrains [noun]

Definition of Quatrains:

highly expressive, rhythmical literary piece

Synonyms of Quatrains:

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Sentence/Example of Quatrains:

To be sure, he had originally composed this quatrain for Ophelia; but what would you have?

In a quatrain the lines which do not rhyme must end on the opposite tone to that of the rhyme.

The Mull in return wrote and presented a quatrain to me inFol.

The first quatrain of this poem is inscribed on the Battle Monument at Concord.

The sense may be complete in the couplet, but must be complete in the quatrain.

But times have changed and like everything else the quatrain has grown respectable.

Suppose every writer of a quatrain in America should send his whole product to us.

This quatrain (eliminating the reference to David) is translated from O. 67.

In this quatrain FitzGerald has made a masterly conversion of C. 72.

The only other quatrain peculiar to the first edition is No. 37.