Quavers [verb]

Definition of Quavers:


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Sentence/Example of Quavers:

"But it must be sillier than usual," said Harriet, and her voice began to quaver.

"One thousand and three hundred," said Ayoub with a quaver of uneasy defiance.

Mr. Quaver's red nose was redder than ever, and he had a stern look.

Mr. Quaver led, and the choir followed like sheep, all in their own way and fashion.

Mr. Quaver and the old members opposed it, but they were voted down.

Mr. Quaver looked as if he would say, "Put down the upstarts!"

Mr. Quaver nudged her to try another verse, but she shook her head.

Tonet did not quaver at the stare of execration his brother gave him.

There was a quaver in her voice, and she let the sentence end itself there.

She stopped, for fear of breaking into a quaver, and smiled brightly.