Quay [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Quay:

He's pledged to find you on the quay, and he will—unless some one makes him drunk.

And then, as they followed the quay of the Gave, they all at once came upon the Grotto.

Although the quay was not yet finished, the work seemed to be quite abandoned.

He bought one at a shop near the quay, and was back to the steps in ten minutes.

He was so interested in the crowd on the quay that he did not hear his father speaking to him.

It was raining in torrents, and the quay was absolutely deserted.

The quay in perspective to the left, the man who shoulders that sack below.

Then, as he regained the quay, Juve laughed in his false white beard.

Filling his pipe afresh, Juve resumed his walk along the quay.

Down the long line of the quay the friends of the passengers were waving adieus.