Queenly [adjective]

Definition of Queenly:


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Sentence/Example of Queenly:

She came steadily forward with a queenly, effortless stride.

It was a becoming dress, but not for her—she was too queenly.

Her arm was stretched out with a queenly gesture, at once of warning and command.

It was a queenly presence—tall, graceful, and intensely womanly.

Her dark beauty, her height and grace, gave her a queenly air.

But therewithal the queenly daughter of Saturn puts the last touch to war.

It was very strange to her, and she stole a glance at the queenly Miss Dolly on the table.

"You will surely protect us, good lords," said she who had on the queenly dress.

Surely he saw her as a woman, queenly and distressed and very proud.

Then Mlle. Moriaz added, in a queenly tone, "You cannot pass—you are my prisoner."