Queerest [adjective]

Definition of Queerest:

odd; abnormal

Opposite/Antonyms of Queerest:

Sentence/Example of Queerest:

"Queer how nerves affect people," he said, as John and he left the stage.

"Queer he had energy enough to tell me that much," remarked Bart, as he moved off.

Queer sort of wheeze to say 'hyphen' in a chap's name as if it were a word, when it wasn't at all.

"Queer enough about Cy, that's a fact," concurred Captain Dimick.

"Queer freak for a woman to live there all alone, anyhow," observed Jeb.

"Queer fellow," muttered Cutter, as he returned to Madame Patoff's side.

"Queer literature for such a girl to be perusing," was his mental observation.

Queer that the racket doesn't bother us the way it did last night, isn't it?

Queer how we sneer at women for wanting the thing that gives them half their attraction!

"Queer fellow that, Matthews," said the captain to his mate.