Queerly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Queerly:

Queerly he realized that death would be easy for himself, simple, acceptable.

Queerly enough, it was the great preparer, Darwin, who helped her at the last.

Queerly enough, it was her good-by to Aloysius that most unnerved her.

Queerly enough, the sermon was on the return of the Prodigal Son.

Queerly enough, instead of cooling me off toward the girl, Robert's criticism of her had the opposite effect.

Queerly enough, it didn't have any name at all: it just had the figures '100' painted in gilt letters on its side.

Queerly enough, Jessie Heath, mountain-wise though she was, believed in him almost to the end.

Queerly enough, the women brought with them a baby or little guanaco, which they led by a string.

Queerly, as he shot down through the water, he thought again of something outside the desperate need of self-preservation.

Queerly enough, M. Guizot on Tuesday had made precisely the same remark to me about the King, beginning with the defects.