Quelled [verb]

Definition of Quelled:

defeat, suppress

Synonyms of Quelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quelled:

Sentence/Example of Quelled:

Lunatics, she knew, could be quelled by the calm gaze of the sane human eye.

It was at once quelled, however, by the prompt action of President Jackson.

But Aunt Annie quelled the impulsive creature with a glance full of meaning.

The advance guard had suffered, but their fire had quelled that of the enemy.

A rising in the south of Russia was quelled by a single regiment.

Meanwhile, the outbreak had been quelled, or very nearly so.

But though for the moment he quelled her eye, nothing could quell her voice.

The Syrian revolt was quelled, and Urfa surrendered to the sultan.

She was quiet now, as though the light had quelled her resistance.

With the heroic assistance of my wife, I quelled the revolt.