Quelling [verb]

Definition of Quelling:

defeat, suppress

Synonyms of Quelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quelling:

Sentence/Example of Quelling:

With mood-care they mourned their own liege lord's quelling.

He had all his life been looking for a chance of quelling a riot.

Like all the rest I, too, grew ill;My aching heart there was no quelling.

Like a David before Goliath, he confronted Archie with a quelling eye.

He succeeded in quelling the broil and gave them a long lecture.

Arrechedera was not slow in quelling the disturbances in Balayan.

Man had a hundred means of quelling or forgetting a hapless passion.

Here also are the lawyers, impassioned for justice, for the quelling of human strife.

As for quelling any trouble here, there doesnt seem to be any.

This was the quelling they brought, a scantness of drink that seized him.