Querying [noun]

Definition of Querying:

demand for answers

Synonyms of Querying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Querying:

Sentence/Example of Querying:

But it is needless to complete the query; the answer alone is important.

There was something half-plaintive in the modulated cadences of the query.

Then, in his turn, Burke put the query that the girl had put to him a little while before.

And then her insolence reached its culmination in a query of her own: "Was his name Griggs?"

Porter went on as though he had not heard the daughter's query.

These were the exclamations of surprise and query that came from all present.

He was almost surprised to hear his own voice put the query.

There was gentle accompaniment on the panel to the query, “Are you asleep?”

Cullingworth's eyes shot round to me to see what I thought of such a query.

"Close enough," Beardsley nodded, refusing to be enticed from his query.