Questioned [verb]

Definition of Questioned:

ask for answer

Opposite/Antonyms of Questioned:

Sentence/Example of Questioned:

He resorted to familiar artifices for entangling one questioned.

It never seemed to occur to her that any of her rulings might be questioned.

This was the fashion of the day, though its utility, on the whole, may very well be questioned.

I was questioned, of course, but evaded any very close answers.

We were now questioned about our longitude, and whether we had a chronometer.

This time we were questioned about canvass, but got off by concealing the truth.

Ladies, you know, are never to be questioned about their likings and dislikings.

It has been questioned, however, whether in this instance he was not too submissive.

It was they who first questioned the petals of flowers for their lovers' loyalty.

Our very right to exist as a distinct society is questioned.