Questioner [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Questioner:

"Your committee," said Mr. Durant, politely ignoring the manner of the questioner.

In his eagerness, Chicago Red moved toward his questioner—unwisely.

His eyes, which had been downcast, lifted and glared on the questioner.

The shoe dropped to the ground, and he sat looking fixedly at the questioner.

Miss Earle looked for a moment indignantly at her questioner.

Her eyes were bent on what she was doing; consequently, they did not meet those of her questioner.

And I, the questioner, masked and robed so that my own brother could not have known me!

He jerked his shoulder petulantly away from the grip of his questioner.

Barnaby had been gazing at his flag, and looked vacantly from his questioner to Hugh.

Then he straightened once more and turned toward his questioner.