Questionnaires [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Questionnaires:

Before she could issue a questionnaire he was out in the bug.

No attempt was made to fill out a questionnaire from these interviews.

Inquiries by questionnaire have one defect which has often been noted.

A questionnaire on such a point might be useful; but difficult to arrange without giving suggestion or exciting bias.

The report and questionnaire is printed in connection with the minutes of the Executive Board.

This was secured in response to a questionnaire sent to the employers who were patrons of the employment office at Flanner House.

His entire work, in embryo, can be seen between the lines of the questionnaire.

Dean Kinley's questionnaire asked the banks reporting their deposits for the day to exclude deposits made by other banks.

And tomorrow evening we will get together in our apartment and make out the questionnaire complete.

When you say "defector," the answer to that is in the questionnaire.