Quibbling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Quibbling:

Washington probably had no sympathy with the quibbling of Congress.

I need only repeat, this is no time for personal gain and quibbling.

This is not a quibbling of words, but a radical distinction.

It is easy to say that this is quibbling, but in reality is it so?

Mr. Christian's wit, in general, seemed to him a poor kind of quibbling.

Where he might have appeared a martyr, he chose to stand as a quibbling casuist.

I set it down as a sign of the state to which I had come, that I was convinced by my own quibbling.

To have his place in life fixed by his ability in quibbling seemed to him hideous.

She had found time for deliberation while quibbling, and now her mind was made up.

Bates considered for a moment and then nodded; it was no morning for quibbling.