Quickness [noun]

Definition of Quickness:


Synonyms of Quickness:

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Sentence/Example of Quickness:

This quickness upon me, interrupted my mother, is not to be borne!

So turning from me, she spoke with quickness, Whither now, Clary Harlowe?

Your young mistress has contributed a great deal to this quickness of yours.

The thought did not present itself so quietly but that her quickness intercepted it.

I was a little afraid of his raillery, and of the quickness of his observation.

Pemberton was on his feet again with the quickness of a cat.

Quickness had died out of her under the influence of the night.

His quickness of movement was no longer a fight against, but a fulfilment of desire.

And is not shrewdness a quickness or cleverness of the soul, and not a quietness?

And yet a likeness, a sort of quickness and sensibility, common to them all.