Quid [noun]

Definition of Quid:

ruminant food

Synonyms of Quid:





Opposite/Antonyms of Quid:


Sentence/Example of Quid:

When he had finished, Klaus sat for a while in silence, chewing his quid.

He paused, looked hard at me, and turned his quid reflectively.

I did and in the parlor was the biggest kind of an ox standing there chewing his quid.

There is no longer any quid pro quo for her alliance with France.

Now my dear old Lizzie, don't pretend to be shocked at the word 'quid.'

Side gliding to the stove, the cowboy delivered up his quid.

There was the offensive spot, and there was Tom Spink, his cheek bulging with a quid.

So much for one of the component parts of this singular Oriental “quid.”

Often were we obliged to tell pater Philip to take his quid out of his mouth, that we might hear what he attempted to articulate.

Si quid novisti, &c., I shall be very glad to hear from you.