Quietism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Quietism:

But, if politics lost by Godwin's quietism, literature gained.

And this system of female non-education or quietism still prevails.

Together they worked for God and for what they believed to be his cause Quietism.

Even for the souls of the ‘deified,’ quietism is never right.

In 1698, a vicar in the neighbourhood of Dijon had been burnt for Quietism.

Thus in his art he aimed at repose, the quietism of the Buddhists.

But Brissenden was not a disciple of quietism, and he changed his attitude abruptly.

Not to realise that, is the heresy of Quietism, of many mystics.

These were the rival books in a controversy about what was called “Quietism.”

Schiller's worldly circumstances, too, were of a kind well calculated to prevent excess of quietism.