Quilted [adjective]

Definition of Quilted:


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Sentence/Example of Quilted:

She was as afraid of him as of the masterful dead woman in the quilted wrapper.

The rest of us quilted a while by candles, and got the second quilt done at about seven.

He had taken off his mail, and wore only his quilted white under-tunic.

The quilt was of pink satin, and it was quilted in patterns.

Quilted Helmet of nearly the same form as fig. 20, from India.

Galba before leaving the palace had put on a light, quilted tunic.

On the chair her quilted podusouy and long stays are carelessly thrown.

The haketon was made of buckram, stuffed with cotton-wool and quilted.

She put the pictures back in the quilted pocket of her robe.

Quilted or plain doeskin seat and pommels are matters of taste.