Quilts [noun]

Definition of Quilts:

thick bedcovering made of patches

Synonyms of Quilts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quilts:


Sentence/Example of Quilts:

Pinckney didn't punch the mattress or turn up his nose at the quilt patterns.

"Give her another blanket or quilt, then," said her husband.

Quilt and cushions were pushed into a corner for later airing.

She put the orphan at the foot of the bunk, drew the quilt over it and set to work.

She opened the lid of her chest and brought out a quilt, then another, and another.

I never was so tickled in my life as when he bought that quilt.

You can put him on a quilt on the floor, until after luncheon, and then you must take him home.

They were so engaged with the quilt that they did not hear the footsteps on the stairs.

They wonder whether she was going to quilt it or just knot it!

He picked up one of the quilt blocks which she had piled on to cover the box.