Quintessence [noun]

Definition of Quintessence:

essence, core

Synonyms of Quintessence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quintessence:

Sentence/Example of Quintessence:

To the man of the world they are the quintessence of his own reflections upon life.

"This is the quintessence of my journalism; that is the supreme argument," he said to Antonia.

The law of compensation itself is the quintessence of horse sense.

Adams was a quintessence of Boston, devoured by curiosity to think like Benvenuto.

They are the very breath of democracy; the quintessence of freedom.

But I speak of the cruet sauces, where the quintessence of the sapid is condensed in a phial.

Indeed, study is the first duty of the Jew; it is the quintessence of his religion.

To Robert she always seemed the quintessence of breeding, of aristocracy at their best.

This part of your letter to me is a quintessence of richness.

The Spectator was the quintessence of gossip in an age of gossip and good conversation.