Quintet [noun]

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Quintet for two violins, two violas, and violoncello, in C major; ded.

The remaining four atoms of the quintet divide into two duads.

According to Wagner's directions, the curtain goes down after this quintet, but the music continues until the scene is changed.

Now, on the occasion in question, the quintet evoked so much enthusiasm that a storm of applause arose.

Which quintet of gentlemen at once went into the Church, and commenced a whispered conversation with the ecclesiastical Ruin.

See that both, especially the Quintet, be engraved without loss of time.

It will be at any rate three months before the Sonata appears here, but you must make haste with the Quintet.

The Lippheim quintet, in its sober way, held a small but dignified position.

The quintet ceased and Rachel felt that she could never be angry with anyone again.

The remaining member of the quintet which Sir Henry advised me to summon requires a little explanation.