Quip [noun]

Definition of Quip:

witty communication, often verbal

Synonyms of Quip:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quip:

Sentence/Example of Quip:

It was nothing—only the quip of a witty fellow, descendant of a Spanish freebooter.

Quip had followed quip until in their jests they transcended all bounds.

Is not the quip of the Curé worthy of any son of the Emerald Isle?

The men may have smiled at Landy's quip but Maizie laughed aloud.

Receiving no answer to the quip, she drew a chair to the table and sat down.

This quip has been wrongfully attributed to Brillat-Savarin.

The merriment died out of her eyes, and the quip on her tongue failed her.

He laughed, but suppressed the quip that might have afforded some hidden satisfaction.

The squires passed him with a jest, the waiting maids threw a quip at him.

His spirits were irrepressible, and he was always ready with quip and wit.