Quirks [noun]

Definition of Quirks:

oddity of personality, way of doing something

Synonyms of Quirks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quirks:

Sentence/Example of Quirks:

Somebody who knows all the quirks of that road better than I do, lead off.

A' my days I've heard o' naething but their quirks, for they maistly rookit my grandfaither.

He knows all the new English rules and cuts, and all sorts of quirks.

He was a dwarf, full of comical movements as well as of quips and quirks.

She'll be doubly sure when Kramm reports my gay quips and quirks.

Our business is profitable, and I am fast learning the Quirks and Turns of trade.

Where were his gibes, his playful fancies, his quirks and rare conceits, the droll!

Quirk′ish, consisting of quirks; Quirk′y, abounding in quirks.

Hugh had no heart to resent the quirks and grimaces in Cousin Andrew's smile.

"If one may call the quirks of fate by the name of hoax," the stranger added.