Quitclaimed [noun]

Definition of Quitclaimed:


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Sentence/Example of Quitclaimed:

Mrs. Wittleworth signed the quitclaim deed, and took the check.

"I'll sign a quitclaim in her favor, if that is what you mean," I said.

In any case, Ann Maffitt and the three Maffitt children did not sign a quitclaim to the property until 1835.

In March, 1902, Silcott conveyed his interest in the land to Ireland by a deed of quitclaim.

They were married following their arrival here and took a quitclaim on a homestead which in time became their property.

It was true he had the quitclaim deed of the contingent heir, but this did not seem to be of much value under the circumstances.

"The consideration mentioned in the quitclaim deed, Ellen, was ten thousand dollars," continued the great man.

The quitclaim deed, he declared, was only to save himself from being annoyed by Fitz and his father.

McReady, as he took the quitclaim deed, gripped Motor Matt's hand.

You will have to sign a quitclaim deed, though, so as to clear up the title.