Quitter [noun]

Definition of Quitter:


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Sentence/Example of Quitter:

"I knew he was a quitter;" the woman's companion was pessimistic.

"A quitter will quit and a bleeder will bleed," said the Kid sententiously.

It always seemed to me that it took a lot of practice to be a quitter.

The quitter can't survive where the plugger has the ghost of a chance.

The patron saint of the successful advertiser hates a quitter.

I may prove to be a quitter, Miss Farley, but I'd like at least to be entered for the game.

Lennon was a white man, and he had proved himself not a quitter.

But Tim Garvey is no quitter; at least, I've never had that name.

I've been a quitter all my life, I'll admit, but I'm going to put up my fists at the end.

Sensing this, he said grimly: "So you thought I was a quitter."