Quivery [adjective]

Definition of Quivery:


Synonyms of Quivery:

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Sentence/Example of Quivery:

The sun was shining down, and the air was clear and quivery.

She was thin and quivery, and her tongue was hanging out and her eyes staring.

Roll of Bensoulbenjamin rolled to the quivery loveshivery roofpanes.

I asked, 170 with a quivery little feeling that the world was going topsyturvy with other people besides me.

Yes, and she had felt funny herself that evening—a numb, quivery, prickly kind of sensation: it may have been the thunder-storm!

It always gives me a quivery thrill to realize who you are as well as how nice you are.

For a minute, it had a strange, quivery appearance—unreal and unsubstantial.

You know she never can stand anybody all jumpy, and jerky, and quivery, like you are now.

Hanging from it were all kinds of glittery, quivery, sparkly things in silver and gold.