Quizzes [noun]

Definition of Quizzes:

questioning, often in an organized academic setting

Synonyms of Quizzes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quizzes:



Sentence/Example of Quizzes:

For students of the first year quizzes or recitations should be held at least twice a week.

If you wanted to figure out who the Xnetters were, you could use these quizzes to find them all.

None but quizzes and quozzes ever came out with any thing of that sort.

Thus in the “Prologue in Heaven” he quizzes the Archangels about the grandiloquence of their song.

He did very well on quizzes and tests, and he never let the pitcher fake him out when he was at bat.

It quizzes me quite splendidly by quoting the Anti-Jacobin versus my Grandfather.

He is so irrepressible and ridiculous and clever, too, and jokes and quizzes so, I forget to be self-conscious.

In the preliminary courses the system of informal lectures is combined with recitations, discussions, reports, and quizzes.

You know how inquisitive Amy is, and how she stares, and takes in everything, and quizzes it afterwards?

It quizzes me quite splendidly by quoting the 'Anti-Jacobin' versus my Grandfather.