Quizzical [adjective]

Definition of Quizzical:

appearing confused or curious

Synonyms of Quizzical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quizzical:

Sentence/Example of Quizzical:

And now, once again, there was a hint of the quizzical creeping in the smile.

Now, he stared at Burke with a quizzical grin crooking his lips.

"I was so anxious about you," she replied, with feeling, and then broke into a quizzical laugh.

Rathburn looked through the front windows with a quizzical smile on his lips.

He turned to cast a quizzical glance at the back of the resentful lover.

Then he turned to me with a bantering, quizzical light in his eyes.

There was a quizzical gleam in her eyes as she looked at the other three.

Behind Jack's quizzical smile there was a hint of earnestness.

The captain looked full at Tom, with a quizzical,136 shrewd look.

"Yes, I think it has," papa said, with a quizzical glance at me.