Quotations [noun]

Definition of Quotations:

repetition of something spoken or written by someone

Synonyms of Quotations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quotations:


Sentence/Example of Quotations:

From the quotations from your own works, I imagine the review of your own book was by yourself?

Your anecdotes from Ad-Damiry and your quotations from Montaigne shall not help you.

Quotations are as often applied in a sense which the author did not intend as in that which he did.

German names and quotations are in Gothic type (black letter).

Then, you see, your learning and morality will draw when I am at a loss for quotations.

Some of his sayings became established, daily quotations in the forecastle.

It's so writ down in the Globe, as are all our quotations—verbatim.

So much, then, for quotations from the mightiest of all our hosts.

Here everything was quiet; in other words, quotations were low and no sales.

No one's going to be particularly cheered next week with my quotations.