Quoted [adjective]

Definition of Quoted:

repeated from another

Synonyms of Quoted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quoted:


Sentence/Example of Quoted:

The book in which he did so is not named in the chapter just quoted, but in Numb.

How much better the diagnosis of Madame Dacier, who is quoted by Lessing!

Old maids are quoted as thinking that it distracts the game.

"'A house that is divided against itself cannot stand,'" quoted Linda.

I just quoted a lot of things I had heard you say; and I did worse than that, Peter.

It concerns that interview in which I was quoted as saying things about gray-eyed girls.

He is now quoted as being thoroughly satisfied with its practicability.

"I mean it," he said, and he quoted the lines about Portia's sunny locks.

"Sticks an' stones'll break my bones, but names'll never hurt me," he quoted at her.

Quoted by M. Pascal, in the ninth of his "Lettres Provinciales."