Raciness [noun]

Definition of Raciness:


Synonyms of Raciness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raciness:

Sentence/Example of Raciness:

His very faults smack of the raciness of his good qualities.

The life, the raciness, the vigor of an adventurer and a wanderer, glow in every page.

Its freshness, raciness, and eccentric whim no pen could describe.

We admit the raciness—we are proud of it; but we stand for fair play too.

Raciness and spontaneity are words that have no meaning when applied to him.

Its freshness, raciness and eccentric whim no pen could describe.

It has the hue and perfume of the crab, and the richness and raciness of the pippin.

Tell it in English, or any other language, and it loses all its raciness.

How I wish I could give you the raciness, the contagion, of her laughter!

Hardly a piece of his, large or small, but has "snap" and raciness.