Racked [verb]

Definition of Racked:

torture; strain

Synonyms of Racked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Racked:

Sentence/Example of Racked:

In silence the three of us racked our brains for a means of defence.

You racked your brains to discover the cause of this change.

His body was racked with pain, and his head seemed enormous.

The hardness of the ice beneath the snow surface had racked his body in every joint.

He had racked his brain to find so much as one, all day long.

He racked his brains, and suddenly bethought him of another move.

On the instant, however, I racked my brain for some persuasive argument.

The solitude of the racked victim was particularly horrible to behold.

He racked his brain for a stray gleam of retrospect, but it was not forthcoming.

I hover over my racked body like a ghost, and exist in an interregnum.