Racking [verb]

Definition of Racking:

torture; strain

Synonyms of Racking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Racking:

Sentence/Example of Racking:

The torment was far too racking for such futile fashion of lamentation.

Charles had a racking headache, consequent on motoring before food.

So he fetched a sigh that sounded as if 'twas racking loose the foundations and commenced.

I walked home, racking my brains to find the answer to this new conundrum.

Are you racking your brain for some way of spoiling my little plans?

A racking sob shook her when she first tried to speak––and she tried again.

I bought them for you, and I have been racking my brain to find how I could make you accept them.

Their minds had had no concept of such horror, such relentless, racking pain.

For racking the wine, we should have: 1st a large brass faucet.

These are the pains of adjustment, as racking as the pains of birth.