Radars [noun]

Definition of Radars:

radio detecting and ranging

Synonyms of Radars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Radars:


Sentence/Example of Radars:

Alright, Mr. Stewart, how did you find your cow, with some new kind of radar?

I gave the radar boys the word just before Mantor dropped in on us.

High above the planes they went, for with his radar Arcot could trace them.

The Army and the Air Force were furious because he'd evaded their radar net.

There were guards surrounding the perimeter with radar search beams.

That's what I'd intended on doing, but I couldn't do it with all this radar around the field.

His radar beam bent only slightly to follow the curve of the Earth.

If he turned to avoid it, the jammer would blank-out his radar again.

He switched off the transmitter, and scanned the radar antenna manually.

Power for the radar and visions was more important than anything else, just then.