Radiance [noun]

Definition of Radiance:

brightness, luminescence

Synonyms of Radiance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Radiance:

Sentence/Example of Radiance:

Sidney, as tender as ever, had lost a little of the radiance from her eyes; her voice had deepened.

Around them was a radiance of virtues and graces from the first hour of their meeting.

This portion of the figure he enriches by the attribution of whiteness, or unity and radiance.

This time it was the old Buddha of the Radiance of the Light.

Suddenly its radiance turned blue, and was split into two tongues.

And there, on the bank, he found a wooden coffin, from which came the radiance he had noticed.

Oh, how the moon, intoxicated with radiance, bewilders all the world!'

A moment later she was on the terrace bathed in the radiance of the moon.

The moonlight, which dimmed their radiance, made them look like pools of blood.

The future was shining in the brilliant eyes with the radiance of an unseen sunrise.