Radioactive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Radioactive:

But in order for radioactive breakdown to occur, time must pass.

"Eighty-five isn't nearly as radioactive as the elements akin to it," he said.

You see, the radioactive planets your men reported, one of them was—home.

The hull was probably too radioactive to approach from the outside.

They said she was radioactive, but most of 'em wouldn't believe it.

Of 150 pipe-organ wasp nests examined, none was radioactive.

Of some 340 kinds of atoms that have been found in nature, about 70 are radioactive.

Some nests, investigation disclosed, were built of radioactive mud.

So a radioactive type of equilibrium must be established, rather than a convective one.

In that case the radioactive pyramidal cells will overheat and decompose.