Radios [noun]

Definition of Radios:

communication by electronic air waves

Synonyms of Radios:

Opposite/Antonyms of Radios:


Sentence/Example of Radios:

He addressed the nation by radio and announced his plans for a New Deal.

The pilot of the incoming plane was there, too, and the radio man.

Sorry I couldn't meet you at the ship; got your radio, but couldn't make it.

He edged a hand inside the suit again and turned off his radio.

Jim stopped the side motion and jumped to the radio telephone.

I could detect no lifeboats in the vicinity nor could I raise any on the radio.

The radio and most of the control linkages have gone into it.

His laugh died instantly like a radio that had been snapped off.

Dawn was paling the blue-black sky as the radio engineer returned.

O'Malley seated himself and elevated his feet to the top of the radio.