Radius [noun]

Definition of Radius:

range, sweep

Synonyms of Radius:

Opposite/Antonyms of Radius:


Sentence/Example of Radius:

Delve from the surface of your sphere to its heart, and at once your radius joins every other.

R represents the radius of the curve upon which the vehicle is moving.

If he kept her out of the radius of disapproval, she might never feel a shadow of regret.

It was then that Wilson stepped into the radius of shallow light.

There isn't a well like mine in a radius of a hundred miles.

To double-check, he used the radius of the Galaxy as base to calculate the distance.

Within a radius of five miles of its base, the city was plunged into darkness.

From half this radius, marked 1, draw a line to apex, marked 2.

They must not, indeed they cannot, be properly prophetic within the radius.

Within a radius of three miles of Ammons three tractors ran all day.