Ragamuffin [noun]

Definition of Ragamuffin:

person who is poor, tattered

Synonyms of Ragamuffin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ragamuffin:

Sentence/Example of Ragamuffin:

"I'll give you the bulliest shine you ever had," said the ragamuffin.

I feel enough like a sneakin' ragamuffin and housebreaker as 'tis.

Then he is known as the "ragamuffin," on account of his covering of rags.

For this exploit the ragamuffin is lauding him to the skies.

Playing marbles with some of your ragamuffin friends, I suppose.

An artist would still have said, "How handsome that ragamuffin must have been!"

Do you mean to say that a ragamuffin like you had fifty dollars?

It's a likely story that a ragamuffin like you would be trusted with so much money.

Of course, there are some good among them, as with other ‘ragamuffin’ ramblers.

The giant looked contemptuously at the tailor, and said: 'You ragamuffin!