Raged [verb]

Definition of Raged:

be angry

Opposite/Antonyms of Raged:

Sentence/Example of Raged:

The Bretons mourned and raged at the loss of their young duke.

Napoleon, the prisoner in the school "lock-up," raged for a while like a caged lion.

The battle now raged with the most dreadful violence, when, lo!

He could have raged and railed against his fate like any madman.

We now come to La Terre around which the greatest controversy has raged.

Her mind was torn by the conflict that raged there, in her uncertainty as to the course she should pursue.

The controversies that have raged over it make this course necessary.

Burwell stormed, raged, and pleaded; but it availed nothing.

He raged up and down outside the hut––but there was nothing to be seen.

I do not know what plantation, except that Conrad raged about it.