Ragged [adjective]

Definition of Ragged:

worn-out; in shreds

Opposite/Antonyms of Ragged:








Sentence/Example of Ragged:

But the upper edges are ragged, torn by a wind not yet felt below.

Once more I am counting the coppers, living on the ragged edge.

Enter Rumi-naui, torn and ragged, and covered with blood, with two attendants.

In the evening a man came, ragged and tired, looking for something to eat.

As far as the eye can reach in every direction are ragged peaks and spurs.

And then come the fighting-men—a gallant, ragged, indomitable band.

Its spout was torn and ragged like the mouth of a gun when a shell has burst there.

His clothes were soiled and stained, and his face was covered with ragged beard.

He looked at them gravely; hers had been a ragged piece of work.

Her hair was torn and ragged, and her arms were bound to her sides with sashes and handkerchiefs.