Raggedness [noun]

Definition of Raggedness:

the quality of being rough on the surface

Synonyms of Raggedness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raggedness:

Sentence/Example of Raggedness:

Of all the beggar-men that I had seen or fancied, he was the chief for raggedness.

It was a pity only to look upon the raggedness of his soldiers.

It has been censured for its "parcellings" and "raggedness."

He acquired the raggedness, the impudence, the phraseology of the vagabond class.

The other signs may be set down as loss—dirt and raggedness and disorder.

Apart from the raggedness of their appearance and their stubbly beards, they looked at the top of their form.

He was evidently young, but poverty, dissipation, and raggedness made the question of his age a difficult one to solve.

Here were the barriers of the Cumberland heaping up gigantic piles of raggedness under bristling needle points of timber.

They all showed differing degrees of dirt and raggedness, but all were far and beyond the point of respectability.

Down the yellow river swept the two uninjured rafts and the one that carried a fringe of raggedness.