Raggedy [adjective]

Definition of Raggedy:


Synonyms of Raggedy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raggedy:


Sentence/Example of Raggedy:

This is the advice of John, the raggedy man, who does the chores.

When Raggedy Andy was first brought to the nursery he was very quiet.

Raggedy Andy did not speak all day, but he smiled pleasantly to all the other dolls.

No, Raggedy Andy did not speak; he merely thought a great deal.

One can, you know, when one has been a rag doll as long as Raggedy Andy had.

And so Raggedy Andy was quiet all day, and so the day finally passed.

Raggedy Andy cried, as he caught Uncle Clem and danced about the floor.

So Raggedy Ann stayed at Daddy's studio for three or four days.

Raggedy Andy, always in for fun, threw his pillow at Henny, the Dutch doll.

Raggedy Ann introduced them one by one and Raggedy Andy shook hands with each.