Raglan [noun]

Definition of Raglan:

heavy coat

Synonyms of Raglan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raglan:


Sentence/Example of Raglan:

Thanking Lord Raglan for his extreme kindness, I took my leave.

"I'm staying with Lady Knightrider at Raglan, and she brought me over," he explained.

Raglan Church is not worthy of much attention if time is short.

There is also a carved oak chimney-piece from Raglan Castle.

Pennefather had his hands full by the time Lord Raglan arrived.

In the darkness of the tent, he caught up what he took to be his raglan, a sleeveless, waterproof garment.

She stood looking on, with dumb surprise, as he took out of the inside pocket of his raglan three small fishes.

As we left the ship's side we gave the master and crew of the 'Raglan' a hearty "three times three."

Yet the 'Raglan,' in her best days, used to be one of the crack Melbourne clipper ships.

Perhaps nobody is really to blame, but, if any one be, my own impression is that it is Raglan.