Rah [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rah:

Even the sulky Crow joined in at last with a "'Rah, 'rah, 'rah!"

As he took his seat, while his chums cheered and shouted Rah, Rah, Elmwood!

Seems to me what you want in those kind of songs is a lot of rah, rah, hullabaloo!

Others are rah (Phaseolus radiatus) and mothi (Phaseolus aconitifolius).

Eugene had previously noted the peculiarity of this rowdy, rah!

The team was surrounded by a dense throng, and the 'rah, 'rah, 'rah was fairly deafening.

He did neither, but gave another loud “Rah for Mary Greenwater!”

Fluff woke up, and dashed to the rescue, with his fierce little "Rah!"

The eighteenth letter of the alphabet, used principally to began a college yell; thus, Rah!

“Rah fer Mary Greenwater,” chattered old Amos, holding his reeling form up by the bar rail.